ENDING [light]

by Jason Sloan

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[i.] generative systems

i became interested in generative systems as a creative technique a few years ago while experimenting with various processes along the way. the idea of making decisions that could effect an outcome, while not being in total control of the result, appealed to me as a way of creating a more organic and independent music. for me this idea mirrored the many decisions we make throughout our lives and the variety of outcomes those decisions can have. i have often thought how one small choice made 15 years ago could have taken me down a totally different path, leading to a completely different outcome in life.

ending [light] began as an experiment in generative music. the concept certainly is not new. brian eno coined the term in the 1980's, but many of his peers employed this technique long before "thursday afternoon" and "neroli" were recorded. john cage's fluxus score "fontana mix" from 1958 was one of the first works to be written through a set list of parameters. these "presets" could then applied to any group of sounds where the result was always different, but the architecture remained the same. being a self acknowledged micro-manager the thought of letting go of every detail was initially a difficult step to make, but in the end the results were very liberating.

[ii.] beginnings
ending [light] is about beginnings. i have never revealed much about my recordings in the past in an attempt to avoid aligning them with specific themes. i prefer to allow the listener to inform each release through their own experience. but with this album, the process and outcome were different. through the use of generative systems, much of the music is left to chance operations or fate. while ending [light] was being scored, i began to think about how much of what was happening in my life, also appeared to be aligned with this idea of new beginnings. the closing of many long arduous processes and maybe reaching the light at the end, an ending light. were these resulting situations influenced by decisions i had made or were they just fated that way? this is a question that has plagued many people and cultures for decades and somehow i don’t think we’ll ever know within this life time.

jason.sloan july 2008


released October 11, 2008

design and layout: jason.sloan
artwork: jason.sloan
recorded april - july 2008 in a minimal.space, baltimore md.
some passages of this recording contain audio at a subliminal frequency.



all rights reserved


Jason Sloan Baltimore, Maryland

Jason Sloan is an electronic musician sound artist, composer and professor at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland.

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